Attendance Tracking Through QR Scan

Systematically tracks attendance with a QR code which is backed by lot of data that helps gym to take real time actions.

Membership Details Session

The app consists of detailed summary of the membership, sessions and workout/PT regimes of the respective customer.

Group Classes schedule & reminder

Keep gym members updated with group classes schedule .

Members Feedback

Gym members can send feedback or queries directly to the concerned person in the gym.

Regular Notifications

Let’s you send updates regarding activities / sessions through push notifications to members.

Gymshim Pool membership

Share your membership with up to 3 people to avail the benefits of the gym at the best price .

Trainer Schedule

Trainers can easily maintain their daily schedule along with group classes allocation.

Member Profile

Trainer’s can easily track all the relevant information about members like attendance & regularity through QR code.

Member Dashboard

Ease of tracking personal training sessions, new member allocation and trial allocation.

Enquiry Management

The entire task of adding, editing or closing-enquiries of members has been simplified completely.

View Trials

This feature helps maximize the chance of the trial conversion for the gym.

Memberships Details

Get an easy access to membership details like the start/end date, trainer assigned, sessions remaining etc. through the app.

Reply to Feedback's

The Web app provides the facility of instantly replying to any feedback sent by any member or vice-versa.

Bulk Upload Membership Plans

The user interface is designed to facilitate bulk uploading of member’s details and membership plans.

Trainer Activity mapping

This features helps in tracking trainer’s member allocation & keeps a dashboard of their daily schedule.

The Smart Gym card is a smart token which the gym can offer to its members. Every smart card comes equipped with a unique number and a QR code. The Gym admin reserves the right to assign the card to any of its members.
The Gym staff can keep a track on the regularity of every member and can take necessary steps to encourage the non-regular ones. This will help the gym owner to increase the retention rate of the gym.
The card can help in differentiating the varied packages offered by the gym to its members while the QR code will become a great help for the staff to identify the particular package offered to the member and its expiration/renewal dates.
Personal trainers can keep track of their sessions with their clients while being able to check member profiles.
The gym can sell membership on a session basis i.e. if a member is visiting for a workout then just by scanning the QR code he/she can deduct 1 session from their account without the hassles of meeting the owner/trainer.