How to run a profitable and sustainable gym business?

Published by: Team Gymshim on 07/04/2017

Most gym owners are aware of the challenges faced by the body building and fitness industry. If you are a passionate gym owner; you will have a vision for the gym to be a temple for the mind, body and soul.  Merely working hard is not the only key to your success. Simply having the right machines, systems and personnel is no more the only way to your profits. Right from increased competition from specialized service providers like Yoga and Zumba; to be able to retain your key personnel or simply knowing your client better; there are a host of issues that decide your success rate. Here we attempt to address some of the key issues that you could consider taking care of.


To begin with one of the biggest challenge for the industry is that more than 50% of all the people who step into a fitness and health club; actually don’t like what they are doing. It‘s you and your team’s s ingenuity and innovative ways that will decide the way forward. Then when your business is in its infancy; it is necessary of getting hold of the key people who will hold your business together.  You can’t be always present physically; but the show must go on. In the beginning when a gym has just set shop; there is a tremendous demand for multi tasking people; who play out their roles in perfect ways. One way could be searching for ideal candidates among your friends and relatives. The advantage is since you know them better; you can count on them on delivering in crunch situations.


When your gym has been established; the challenge shifts to getting the employees to transition and understand the products and its delivery systems better. People want to helped by people not machines. Offering more human interaction; being more transparent and having a fun element in all you do are some of the key challenges. Most trainers besides being experts of the physique of human bodies need to be amateur psychiatrists. They need human interaction skills, be able to listen to the member besides being able to teach physical training. Getting hold of some people in your team is of paramount importance.


Then comes a proper marketing strategy.  Going main line with ads, posters and banners is one part; you need to create a digital signature to converse regularly with your clients.  Research proves it is potentially easier to reach newer customers over the internet. Having a proper interactive web site is another side that needs to be looked into. Remember effective marketing will let you attract more number of employees.  Above all is the publicity by word of mouth; so having a satisfied customer is important. As the gym grows building your support system will be crucial. Remember you can’t train everybody. Once your gym is up and running; retention of your customers is a single most problem. Some people may visit the gym one time, but do not buy memberships or come back. One of the main reasons this happens is that the gym does not offer enough services to their customers.